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Dental Implants Culver City

Dental Implants Culver City

What You Should Know Before Having Dental Implants In Culver City

Dental implants in Culver City are the replacements of missing or damaged teeth or the replacement of tooth roots. The damaged tooth roots are replaced with metals while missing teeth are replaced with artificial ones.

Dental implants have become common in Culver City because they have a couple of advantages over dentures and bridgework. The titanium used in dental implant fuses firmly with the jawbone so the artificial tooth or teeth sit affably on the jawbone without shaking or slipping. The second advantage is that the material used for this procedure cannot decay.

Common situations that warrant dental implants in Culver City

If you have one or more missing teeth, the procedure is suitable for you. One attractive thing about dental implants is that the artificial teeth are so real. They look and function like your natural teeth. If bad dentition affects your speech and you want to improve it, you may also consider dental implant. However, you must fulfill certain conditions. If the conditions are not met, then you may seek other dental procedures.

Your jawbone must have reached full growth. You should have enough bone for the implant and your oral tissues must be healthy. If you have any medical condition that slows down your bone healing, you are advised to stay away from the procedure. Most importantly, you should bear in mind that the process may take several months.

Risks involved

There is no medical procedure that is completely riskless. Every procedure comes with certain risks. Dental implant also has its risks too but they are minimal. Here are some risks involved in the procedure. The implant site could get infected. During the procedure, there may be injury to surrounding tissues, vessels, or teeth.

Some nerves may be damaged too. This can cause numbness or pain to the chin, lips, gums, and the natural teeth. The implant done in the upper jaw can extend into a sinus cavity. This can lead to sinus problems.

Due to the risks involved, it is advised that you should ensure that only an experienced dentist handles your dental implants. Experienced dentists are aware of these risks and they know how to prevent them.


Dental implants are multiple surgical procedures, so it is important that you go for a thorough evaluation before the process. Comprehensive dental examination is quite important. Your dental X-rays will be taken and studied. The models of your teeth may also be created.

After the evaluation, an appropriate treatment plan will be created. It is an individualized plan that suits your condition. This may include how many teeth to be implanted and how they are implanted. Sometimes, your procedure may be handled by a group of dentists.

You also have a role to play. You should tell your dentist about your medical condition if you have any. And if you are on medication, you should let him know. This will enable him factor them into your treatment plan.

Patients with heart conditions may require some antibiotics before the procedure to prevent infection. You may also need some anesthesia or sedation because of the pain involved.


Dental Implants Culver City
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